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Getting Support for SMART Alec

Support During Beta Trial Period

SMART Alec Support Forum

Primary support is through the SMART Alec Support Forum

This is a moderated forum, frequently monitored by SMART Alec support staff.
You can expect an answer to any questions posted to the forum within 24 hours, but you'll usually get an answer much sooner.

Please Note: The support forum is very new so you will not see a lot of posts; please help us get the forum going by posting to it!

Additional support for Beta-Testers

If you are beta-testing SMART Alec, please check the email you received from us, giving instructions on where to get support for beta-testers.

If you're not a Beta-Tester

If you are not a beta-tester, or have lost the email, please contact us using the form on our contact page.

Support after SMART Alec is fully released

Online Help Pages

In the release version of SMART Alec, our online help pages will supply a wealth of information about SMART Alec and how it works, including solving common problems.

FAQ Pages

We will soon be adding an FAQ page to our website which will also contain a list of common problems and solutions—check back for this!

Chat with Technical Support

When SMART Alec is fully released, you'll also be able to chat with technical support staff at is the website for OWC—SMART Alec is an OWC product